Friday, February 18, 2011

Creative ARTworks Challenges

WHAT is Creative ARTworks Challenge??
A very special challenge unique to ESS!

Hybrid, Cards, Collage, Art Journaling and ATC's all in ONE!!
This is the place to share a wealth of ideas and inspiration for many types of projects.
Novice to expert welcome.
You can add this button  to your blog to show off your work too!
Just link it back to the challenge in our forum.
STR-R-R-R-RE-E-ETCH your scrap stash! 
Make it work for you! Try NEW things- get your feet wet!
Most of us know about a bit about card making. Are you an expert??
What about Hybrid projects? Do you have a favorite or one you would like to see? 
Maybe we can try it on for size!
Collage- not the kind we did in grade/elementary school!
Digital or paper colllages, hybrid collages are welcome here too.
Art Journaling- it is REALLY Big this year- it is showing up almost everywhere!
Take your  journaling to another level,bring some art into it. 
Not an artist? Not a sketcher? No worries- use your scrapping stash!
If you are new to any or all of these, it will be a really FUN ride! 
The cool thing is it won't cost you anything to try. You can use the stash you already have!
Of course we would love for some of your items to be from E.S.S.
So along with participating in the challenge being presented, feel free to suggest ideas or ask questions.
With art, there is great freedom and very few "rules".
So feel free to express yourself.
Are you excited yet??

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